About Us

The Bloke Story

When it comes to skincare what many people don’t realise is that men’s skin is not only physically different to women’s skin but it is also treated differently to women’s skin and this is what we’ve taken into account when creating our unique range of Real Bloke products. Our skin is thicker and therefore needs a higher concentration level of active ingredients and with Real Bloke skincare, higher concentration level does not mean a higher amount of chemicals.

This is where Real Bloke skincare comes in. Our defining difference to other men’s skincare products is our key ingredient of Manuka honey. The healing properties and antimicrobial element of Manuka honey not only hydrates the skin by forming a natural moisture barrier but it can also rejuvenate skin that is damaged. 

Men’s skin is subjected to harsher conditioners than women’s skin purely due to the stress it receives from regular shaving. Other elements such as constant sun exposure from working outside or working in an air-conditioned office five days a week also contributes to our skin drying up a lot quicker. And let’s face it, us blokes don’t spend as much time as we should looking after our skin!

The Real Bloke skincare range actually began when my six month son old received serious burns and skin damage from an oven door. We were instantly recommended by the medical practitioners to use cream based with Manuka honey to assist with the skins natural healing process. Four weeks after using this cream with the Manuka honey ingredient, the skin on his arm had completely healed and rejuvenated.

The results of my son’s recovery was astounding and prompted us to research the use of Manuka Honey in men’s skincare.  After studying the current market of men’s skincare we noticed that not many were based on natural ingredients and most of the brands and products fell into the same category:

  •  The products were mainly designed and marketed to corporate workers, whereas there are just as many Aussie blokes who work outdoors in the harsh Australian climate. 
  • The products used a lot of chemicals as opposed to natural ingredients.
  •  The range of products from many of the bigger cosmetic houses were extensive and somewhat overwhelming. 
  •  The individual products were not all-rounders. There seemed to be a need to purchase 6-7 different products to receive a ‘complete’ skin care treatment. 
  • The products were not marketed towards those of us who are time poor and don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror applying skin-care products.

Real Bloke skincare was designed with the Real Bloke in mind. We appreciate that many of us don’t have the time or patience to apply a dozen different skincare products and this is why we have kept our range simple and compact. 

  1. Active Face Scrub
  2. Extreme Glide Shave Gel
  3. After Shave Balm
  4. Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser

The Real Bloke skincare range is the result of over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Developing our skincare range has been a journey in understanding what’s best for the men of today and create a product that looks after men’s skin today and for the future.